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Frosted runs beautifully!

This season’s Whitney was an exciting edition as we watched a beautiful and dominating performance from the boom 4 year old, Frosted.  Last year he was in deep with the likes of American Pharoah and Dortmund and Firing Line.  As Dortmund and Firing Line stepped to the side, Frosted was left to deal with American Pharoah all on his own.  Simply, too much for him to handle — then.

Now he has returned as a 4 year old who has matured and the visuals on his two races are just what I said above — Beautiful.  But what do the figs say?  His FINAL FIGS for his race in the  Metropolitan Mile was an 80.0 and his figs for The Whitney was a 79.3, both well below his projected capability of about 81.5 or higher.  Many would have thought that his effort in the Whitney was bigger than the Met Mile, but it doesn’t turn out that way on my figures.  But the visuals and the figures are totally in alignment,  when we consider he is showing much greater early participation in each race and not having encountered any competition in the stretch runs.  This can only mean there is great upside for Frosted.

As I mentioned, I have projected a 4 year old capability of 81.5 that is really based upon his exceptional race when winning the Wood Memorial last spring as a 3 year old.  It took him a very long time to run back to and through that number which was a 78.8 with plenty of additional ground loss, while coming from far back.   I think trainer Mclaughlin has figured out this horse want to be in the battle early and not asked to accelerate later on in the race.  He seems to establish a high cruising speed and then be able to maintain it a very long time — when the competition wilts, he looks sensational maintaining.

Last year in the Travers, he attacked American Pharoah much earlier and since then I think we are seeing an improvement in his form, an improvement I expect will continue…

How am I doing with JJPP-PLUS at the Saratoga and Del Mar meets?

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(updated  results thru end of racing on Monday)

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 Bias report

Saratoga on Saturday (8-7)…  Honest race track, no problem for sensible speed and closers picked up speed duels…

Del Mar on Saturday (8-7)…      Again — HONEST, closers were making their mark in the stretch!

Del Mar’s Turf — seems back to a fair racing surface….

Race Day Play from Sunday

Saratoga  Race #7 Archer Hill,   12/1… Broke a bit to the slow side, ran from behind and ran wide and did not get involved in the outcome… poor effort.

Del Mar Race #6 Got Even off at 4/1…  Ran pathethic…

Total Return     $604.40

Total  Cost          $ 542.00

ROI 1.12