Wednesday’s (11-11-2015) Power Page and KHSS for Aqueduct are ready for download…

It really and truly is all about the “advantage”!

Below is Sunday’s post, featuring a discussion about the V horses on Saturday.  Since Saturday, I have published 4 more V horses, and only 1 won paying $29.40. My job is to find you “advantages” to wager off of, and to be really truthful, I am doing a really good job!

It’s all about the “advantage”….M

Identifying and wager on advantages is what the Power Page and playing horses is all about!  If you can stick to your guns – you can do very well.  On Saturday, I had one of those days, when every mistake I made cost me and everything that was well conceived failed.  I had one last ADVANTAGE to consider… The final race at Del Mar had one of my “V” horses in the race.   Sure enough, the public totally overlooked this “live firsty”…  The price was rising above 20/1.  So while my “V” doesn’t have some of the performance values of a STAR horse, it still had several handicapping “ideas” in there to consider…  The advantage was the 20/1 price.

So I made my normal win/place wager and made 4 exacta boxes using my top 3 horses and 1 other firsty…  That was exactly the right move, the horse, Shiny Nugget paid $45.80 and the exacta paid $153.00 / $1.00 (the 50 cent tri paid $913 – but I did NOT play that)…

If you are willing to find advantages and play them at good prices, you can have a whole lotta fun!