Wednesday’s (11-29-2017 Power Page and PLUS for Aqueduct are ready for download…

The Big A is open and the card looks “interesting”…  Interesting, means to me there are several “value choices” back while at the same time, there are obvious betting traps to avoid… 

(Betting Traps are obvious short priced horses that could be bad, a good example of that is a drop down horse from a high percentage trainer – when it opens as the favorite, you can’t tell whose money is showing… this is at the heart of playing properly)

This is the last Blurp, and will be a little while before I can get it out to you…

Sensational performances, by horse, jockey and trainer!  This is one I will be enjoying and look forward to discussing…

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 “Race Day Las Vegas” Pla

Wednesday’s Play

In the 9th at Aqueduct we tabbed, Quai Voltaire off at 3/1, which was right at it’s M/L, which tells you I think the horse had a solid “value proposition” – I try very hard to avoid underlays, so if my play is at the M/L, it probably has value in my mind.  QV broke in stride to take up the chase down the backstretch, there was no rush as it’s a long run to the turn, moved up early on the turn to get within striking distance, pulled alongside the leaders coming out of the turn… driven hard to take the lead and persevered with to maintain an advantage… won going away as the clear winner paying $8.40 and taking down the exacta.

Thursday’s Play…

Race #3 at Aqueduct, Gravitating off at 3/1 ran very well to gain 2nd place, but wasn’t a match for the winner. Clearly 2nd best in a good effort…we made the very good exacta.

AT Del Mar, Lassen off at 12/1, was finishing fastest of all – once finally clear.  Unfortunately, we were locked in the pocket for a very long time.  Missed the place by a head bob and looked to be the best… while finishing 3rd… oh well!


The opening play was Secretary of War in the 8th at Aqueduct, off at 3/2, SoW was off alertly taking the early lead, led without pressure, while moving at a lively pace, turned for home with a lead, but was unable to sustain his run, finishing 3rd,.

Then at Del Mar, Manitoulin off at 4/1 in the 7th.  Challenged for the lead through 3 turns along the outside, (not my favorite trip), but was well under control of the jock, lifted well when set down and ran gamely to the wire to get the win. Paying $10.40 and producing cold exacta and trifecta.


Acoustic off at 9/2 at Aqueduct, ran in and behind horses while down on the fence – mid-pack.  Never got racing room while “raging with run”, just a tough trip, and a lost opportunity.

AT Del Mar, Tribal Jewel off at 3/1 broke alertly but could not keep up with Beaumarchais, continued along the inside, while tracking the leader, but didn’t seem to have any answer when they got to the lane… finishing 4th… just a comment, the 4 horses in my play finished 1,2,3,4 but not in an order that I liked.

Sunday… Cha Cha Heels off at 9/5, moved off the rail on the backstretch, looked for a lane with slight steady, came to the top of the stretch with 5 or 6 lengths to make up, but could not…finished evenly for 3rd

Sunday… Inscom at Del Mar and Cha Cha Heels in New York both were poor examples of a live play… I owe you guys…

TOTALS   for New York and So. Cal Plays

(starting February 24, 2017 )

NY   Total Return   $414.10, Total Cost $ 354.00 ROI Total   $1.17/$1.00

SC  Total Return   $331.50, Total Cost $ 340.00,  ROI Total   $ .98/$1.00

Returns on all plays for 2017

Total Return $ 854.70
Total Cost   $ 828.00

ROI $1.03    (1-1-2017 thru 11/28/2017)