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With the big races now behind us… my favorite performance was by Mitole in the Metropolitan Mile.  They made me wait another 2 weeks for my Met Mile, but when the horses finally wet to post, it was everything I could have wanted.  There will be many who believe that McKinzie was best — and I am one of them… There are many who believe that Mitole was best… and again… I am one of them!  But for certain, Mitole was better than most had suspected and after being engaged by Coal Front and losing an early speed tactical advantage.  He did it the hard way, on the engine, engaged in battle, without saving a step of ground.

Mitole really stretched out in the final 1/8th which as surprising, because this was a new distance after taking on better competition.  Clearly this horse is getting better and better.  Let’s hope this continues to be the case.

While Thunder Snow had a very good trip, aided by a very strong INSIDE bias, he simply was not good enough for Mitole and was overtaken by McKinzie who encountered all sorts of holds, bobs and weaves in his attempt to get a clear run at Mitole.  Big Mc as I dubbed him in his 3-year old career has really bounced back from his injuries from last year.  He is becoming that fantastic horse, I once thought he would be.  As I said, if he had gotten a cleaner trip, he could well have been the winner!

Here is what we do not know, could Mitole have gone faster if he had seen more competition coming to him.  I thing that is a definite maybe!

One thing for sure, the take-away from the Met Mile is… there are 2 fantastic 4-year olds that will be on our “champs watch list” thru the balance of this year and into the Breeders’ Cup!

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