Wednesday’s (7-11-2018) Power Page and PLUS for Belmont are ready for download…

The site is now updated for my ON AIR ROI.  For those of you new to JJPP, I participate each morning on Race Day Las Vegas and give our selections, right from the Power Page!  And then I track all my plays to see how you would do if you bet each one – against a win wager.

We record them year in and year out now.  So you can see the total history of all my plays at the bottom of this page.

One more thing, the plays I give out for FREE on the air are typically my Featured Play on the Jerry J’ Power Page – PLUS.  Many would consider this my ‘best play of the day” — THEY WOULD BE WRONG!.  My best plays are my Pop Out Keys that have better pricing.  The Featured Play while very good at explaining some handicapping ideas I use — TO YOU!  But they are never my BEST play of the day!

The Best plays are kept in private for my customer’s who actually pay for my products… That seems fair to me…


“Race Day Las Vegas” Plays

Race Day Plays from last week… Totaled Winnings of $19.30 against a cost of $18.00 at $2.00 per play… 9 plays total with 2 winners Luna Lake and Blacktype.

Updating from 6-7 through 6-9 we had 7 place, with NO winners. So that scored us down $14.00.   Below these are all included in the ROI which is now up to date! 

Totals for New York, Gulfstream  & So. Cal Plays 2018

NY      Total Return   $225.90, Total Cost $ 176.00  ROI Total   $1.28/$1.00

Gulf    Total Return   $40.80, Total Cost $ 32.00 ROI Total   $1.28/$1.00

SoCal  Total Return   $145.20, Total Cost $ 162.00,  ROI Total   $.90/$1.00

ChD    Total Return   $0.00, Total Cost $ 4.00,  ROI Total   $0.00/$1.00


Returns on all plays for 2018

Total Return $ 416.20

Total Cost   $ 386.00

ROI $1.08 / $1.00  (1-1-2018 thru 7/8/2018)

——- History Below this line ——

Returns on all plays for 2017

TOTALS   for New York and So. Cal Plays

(starting February 24, 2017 )

NY   Total Return   $414.10, Total Cost $ 396.00 ROI Total   $1.05/$1.00

SC  Total Return   $357.10, Total Cost $ 367.00,  ROI Total   $ .96/$1.00

Total Return $ 880.30 Total Cost   $ 896.00

ROI $ 0.98    (1-1-2017 thru 12/26/2017)

ROI $ 1.04    (1-1-2016 thru 12/31/2016)