Friday’s (9-29-2017) Power Page and PLUS for Belmont is ready for download…

Race Day Plays from This Week…

I had an especially good week at Los Alamitos after getting Terrasole at Belmont for $27.40.  Let’s stay on Belmont for a moment, after Terrasole, we had Switzerland for Chad Brown, basically bomb, coming in 3rd at 7/2.  Before the race, I started to get “worms” because instead of getting bet down as we would expect for a Chad Brown horse, his odds went up!  My other two plays for the week at Belmont were not very good efforts, but we did have Terrasole at $27.40, which goes to my point, our best friend is always price.

However, at Los Alamitos, I was “in fuego” as they say… of the 4 plays, I had 1 winner and 3 places.  The place plays were Lymbyrd 3/1, Royal Astronomer at 19/1 and Giant Influence at 8/1.  Everyone ran a winning race, but we just much the 2nd best… Our winner was Builder at $6.60.  From these were able to take down some very nice exactas.

TOTALS   for New York and So. Cal Plays

(starting February 24, 2017 )

NY   Total Return   $289.70, Total Cost $ 260.00 ROI Total   $1.11/$1.00

SC  Total Return   $268.70, Total Cost $ 268.00,  ROI Total   $1.00/$1.00

Returns on all plays for 2017

Total Return $ 667.50
Total Cost   $ 670.00

ROI $1.00 (1-1-2017 thru 9/26/2017)