Thursday’s (3-29-2012) Power Page and KHSS for Aqueduct and Santa Anita are now available for download…

Wednesday’s Aqueduct Main Track played very honest on Wednesday.  At first I suspected there might be an inside-speed bias, but that was NOT the case after all.   Mark int HONEST for Wednesday.   The two plays on Wednesday were somewhat compromised but circumstances, the first play,  Bellerella  broke through the gate and dump her rider.  This is never a good thing and I can’t remember the last time a horse broke through the gate , then was reloaded and then went on to win.  It seems like the real odds should be 100/1 once they have ‘broken through the gate” at the start and need to be reloaded.  Does anyone out there think that maybe, the horse and the bettors are at an unfair disadvantage?


If a horse is unfairly compromised at the gate because of a mistake by the handler or a faulty gate, the horse is usually declared a ‘non-starter”.   If someone would look at the stats on horses that break through the gate and need to be reloaded, I am certain any sane individual would come to the same conclusion for this case as for the other cases.   Hey, that’s just my opinion.



The 2nd selection ran 3rd after having the entire stretch to surge on by and win.   It’s true that Recharged did take a little bump in the beginning and did fan out a little wider on the far turn than I like, but this horse, at least according to my view, should have been able to come home with a bit more verve.   This made me 0 for 2 on Wednesday and brought the cost to $252.00 while the total return from winners remains at $262.10.  The ROI is still positive at plus $1.05 per $1.00 wagered