Wednesday’s (3-28-2012) Power Page and KHSS for Aqueduct is now available for download…

My reply to the New York Times:

I would first like to say, the article written in the NY Times that confused Thoroughbred Horse racing with Quarter Horse racing was the kind of reporting done by Tabloids, not credible Newspapers.  The NY TIMES should be ashamed of themselves.  Beyond the shoddy reporting, they did NOT show the kind of daily care an American Race horse gets, nor did they do a comparison of their life on the race track, to their life in the barn at a typical farm here in the US.  They didn’t do any life expectancy tables, nor did they ever even consider what these horses lives would be like in the wild.   As long as they are doing such a poor job, why not look at the actual stats for breakdowns on track, both on “organic” dirt and on “synthetics” and on natural turf.

And what makes the NY TIMES or PETA the ones with the wisdom to know what’s best for horses, or for that matter, you and me!

Stats for the previous week…  Race Day Selections…Year to date…124 picks.  Total return plus $262.10, total cost $248.00.  The ROI is a plus $1.06 per $1.00 wagered…  NOT TOO SHABBY – in the green!

STAR horse for last week…  Wiiners paid $88.35 at a cost of $90.00, a slight loss on a decent sample size, you could and should easily improve.

All calculations are for a $2.00 win wager at under 4/1 and a $1.00 win and $1.00 place for selections/star horses at 4/1 and higher…