Friday’s (12-26-2014) Power Page and KHSS for Aqueduct and Santa Anita are ready for download…

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year in addition to a wonderful Holiday Season.  

We started in Las Vegas in 12/26/1997 at Sunset Station, and we are still going strong… 

But I also wanted to do a quick review of the Power Page  and alert you to a new feature.

First let me start by pointing out the fabulous STAR horses.  For the month of December (from 12/4 thru 12/21) there were a total of 27 STAR horses (at both Los Alamitos and Aqueduct) that returned a whopping $136.80.  If we converted that to ROI, the investment would be $54.00 (at a $2.00 wager) with a total return of $136.80 for a ROI of $2.53 per $1.00 wagered.  Show me a better “fit and ready list”.  What is obvious to long time customers is the “selectivity” of STAR horses in the modern version of the Power Page.

Star horses of note in December  —  Swiss Heart $45.20, Laura Can Disco $31.40, Liberty Island $13.40, Tama County $13.20

I am adding a NEW Feature — starting December 26th —  the VALUE horse, denoted on the Power Page but a “V” —  this denotes horses that seem to have a very long Morning Line and a “handicapper’s opinion” that the horse could get into the number 1st, 2nd,3rd, or 4th with a low probability of winning but a pretty decent chance of running 3rd or 4th.

So how does this differ from a STAR horse?   First, STAR horses conform to a “reoccurring pattern” that I see in my speed figures, which suggests a horse has a much bigger chance to “pop a big number” than other horses running similar final figures.   It’s a bit subtle, but here is how I would handle the STAER vs. the “V”.  For the most part, I would always consider a win or win/place bet on any STAR horse, while the “V” Value horse might primarily be added into my exotics as an underneath.  In the case of the STAR horse, it’s the way the speed figures line up, while with the Value horse, it’s just a handicapper’s opinion on “value Add-ins”.

Announcing a new location in Las Vegas, the Power Page can now be picked up at Sam’s Town… Additionally, I will be at Sam’s Town from Noon to about 1:30 to answer any questions on using the Power Page.  (This is NOT a seminar)

Happy and a Healthy 2015,
Jerry J