Friday’s (8-5-2016) Power Page and PLUS for Saratoga and Del Mar are ready for download…

Thursday’s Highlight:

Occurred in the 8th at Saratoga with our Top Rated and STAR horse ” Promotional” winning at $25.20 to win.  But there is MORE!  Rachel Walls a lower rated horse in this race, was also assigned a STAR and Rachel ran a big one to get 2nd money and bring home the exacta for us for $350/$2.00.

And yet there was more… inspite of being DQ’s in the 5th, our rolling Pick 3.  There were a total of 7 starting in Race #2 through the end of the card.  If you went 3 x 3 x 3 in all the rolling Pick 3s, you would have put up a total of $189 and got back a whopping $1,172.00

How am I doing with JJPP-PLUS at the Spa to Spa meets?

If you have purchased the JJPP-PLUS for both Del Mar and Saratoga, bet every TOP Rated horse to win since the beginning of both meets, BET THEM ALL, today you would have won $435.90 at a cost of only $380.00.  The ROI for that is a positive $1.15 per $1.00 wagered!  That is exactly how good the JJPP-PLUS has been going Coast to Coast!

(updated  results thru end of racing on Thursday)

A few notes on the weekend figs…  I did NOT include the races from Saratoga on Sunday, because I handicapped for FAST and Firm, but it was Sloppy and no Turf racing… So there is no proper way to evaluated Top Rated horses in this situation… The handicapping gets a bit tougher and the real focus goes to the “M and P and 1s and 2s – so it’s most accurate to not include in this case… On Monday, we handicapped for a WET main track, so I include those results, except the 8th race which I handicapped for the Turf, but it switched to the Main Track.  It’s important to be consistent!

By the way, the figures for Saturday, Sunday and Monday for both tracks (excluding Sunday at Saratoga as mentioned above) was $79.90 in total money won at a cost of $76.00, so I did show a $3.90 profit — with Top Rated horses — over what was a difficult few days…

With my approach, when it’s our turn to win,

we simply do not miss — no zig — no zag!

The Summer Special

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Both Del Mar and  Saratoga


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3) The price for the JJPP-Classic is $120.00 per track and for the new JJPP-PLUS is $180.00 per track

That comes out to just $3.00 per day/per track… for the Classic and $4.50 per day/per track for the new PLUS

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 Bias report

Saratoga on Wednesday (8-4)…  Maybe a little favoring the inside…

Del Mar on Wednesday (8-4)…      HONEST as you could want…

Race Day Play from Thurssday

Saratoga  Race #7 Barrier To Entry  — Scratched

Del Mar Race #6  Prime Issue off at 6/1…  Challenged for th elead early and wide, could not cope and retreated…

Total Return     $ 589.60

Total  Cost          $ 528.00

ROI 1.12