Saturday’s (10-01-2016) Power Page and PLUS for Belmont and Santa Anita are ready for download…

I will return tomorrow morning to update this site…

Songbird posts  78.5 in the Cotillian (drew clear)

Connect and Gun Runner both post 79.0 in the PA Derby (with Gun Runner absorbing excessive ground loss in his run).

Nyquist posts a 77.5

and Exaggerator post only a 74.0

What does this all mean?  First of all, 79.0 represents the beginning of Grade 1 racing for Colts. And believe it or not, 79.0 has won a few Breeders’ Cup Classics, but not many.  But this is about right for 3 year olds to be at this level at this time of the year.   From here, with a little development and both Connect and Gun Runner could produce a number around 81.0 when we get to the BC in a little more than 30 days… and I believe Gun Runner might be the one with the greater upside, the more likely one to achieve an 81.0 of these two. Remember, Connect and Gun Runner were separated by the trip, switch the trip and you probably switch the outcome… this one appeared to be all about “ground loss”…

Also Nyquist who I lambasted after taking it all in, without numbers to provide some perspective, is not as bad as I had originally considered.  But I am not real excited by his losing ground in the stretch, even though the final number was decent and the finish was in fact very fast.

Exaggerator, really does look worn out at this time… but sometimes they can bounce back with a little R & R — or maybe he hated the PRX oval, that was NOT WET.

And rkeep this in mind, these two were a furlong back of ARROGATE in the Travers…  keeping things in perspective…

At the Last Los Alamitos meet…so play Los Al!!!

Top Rated Horses on Classic JJPP returned a Postive ROI of $1.29 per $1.00 played…

Top Rated horses on JJPP-PLUS returned a Postive ROI of $1.34 per $1.00 played…

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What do they say, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating!” 

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Final results for all categories at the Saratoga and Del Mar meets combined?

(Star horses have been a hallmark of my products since 1998 and appear on the JJPP-Classic and JJPP-Plus)

Total STAR horses = 213…. Total $$$ won (if you bet $2.00 on each one ) = $614.00… Cost is only $426.00… Profit of $188.00…

ROI is $1.44 per $1.00 played…

For TOP-RATED horses on the JJPP-PLUS for both Del Mar and Saratoga — a $2.00 win bet on every TOP RATED horse   since the beginning of both meets, BET THEM ALL, thru today — you would have won $1,330.20 at a cost of only $1,346.00.

The ROI is a positive $.99 per $1.00 wagered

For TOP-RATED horses on the Classic JJPP for both Del Mar and Saratoga — a $2.00 win bet on every TOP RATED horse since the beginning of both meets, BET THEM ALL, thru today — you would have won $1,256.90 at a cost of only $1,252.00.

(In this tabulation I do not include races with greater  than 1/3 of the  field are first time starters, unless the TOP Rated horse is a STAR horse) ( I do not include Turf races that have been transferred to the Main track, the one exception is a Top Rated horse with a STAR).

The ROI is a positive $1.003 per $1.00 wagered

(All updates  include all races for both meets from 7-15-2016 to 9-5-2016)

With the JJPPs, when it’s our turn to win, we simply do not miss — no zig — no zag!


 Bias report

Belmont on (9-29)…  Main track still favors  runners on the inside but I would label it Honest, while the Turf favored inside!

Santa Anita  (9-30)…

Race Day Las Vegas Section —


Belmont… Race #5  Will Did It off at 2/1… broke well, tracked as a close up 3rd on outside, moved to engage leaders coming off the turn and prevailed in a hard fought win. Winning, paying $6.30…  plus exacta and trifecta

Belmont… Race #6  Mr. Neetie  off at 7/2  off alertly to exchanged blows with two other, rated along while not relaxed, then moved 3 wide to engage the leaders and stick a nose in front –  then tired some to finish off the 4th

Total Return     $751.20

Total  Cost          $ 692.00

ROI 1.09 per $1.00 played…