Saturday’s (4-9-2016) Power Page and PLUS for Aqueduct and Santa Anita are ready for download…

The Bluegrass and the Ashland for your review…


  The Central Bank Ashland                            The Toyota Bluegrass 
 CATHRYN SOPHIA 13.3-FP                           POK-CRESCENT DRIVE 13.7 
 RACHEL'S VALENTINA 11.7                              CHERRY WINE 12.6 
 CARINA MIA 10.5                                      GOATS TOWN 12.5 
 BANREE 8.3                                           MY MAN SAM 12.2
 CATHRYN SOPHI   ( ) 75.8                             CHERRY WINE     ( ) 75.3 
 RACHEL'S VALE   ( ) 75.0                             BRODY'S CAUSE   ( ) 75.0 
 1 CARINA MIA    ( ) 74.0                             MY MAN SAM      ( ) 74.5 
 BANREE          (p) 71.5                             GOATS TOWN      ( ) 73.8* 
 WEEP NO MORE    ( ) 71.0                             ZULU            ( ) 73.8 
                                                      STAR HILL       ( ) 73.3 
                                                      CRESCENT DRIV   ( ) 73.0V 
                                                      CARDS OF STON   (M) 73.0 
                                                      DONEGAL MOON    ( ) 73.0 
                                                    1 LAOBAN          ( ) 72.5 
                                                      ZAPPERINI       ( ) 72.0 
                                                      TWIZZ           ( ) 72.0

    Power Page is below the LINE, and the NEW PLUS is Above the Line

Try the new JJPP – PLUS — same as Classic JJPP,  Plus a Contender’s List and more—>

With the following special Features, PLUS our new feature… the Pop-Out-Key — POK

  1. 1 or 2 Featured Play’s per card…
  2. Several exotic wagers are “considered” for your review…
  3. Handicapping commentary around our Featured Play
  4. Light betting strategy – around our exotic plays…
  5. A Contender’s List in every race
  6. PLUS… all the information of the Classic Jerry J’s Power Page
  7. The Pop Out Key, its a bit different than the “Featured-Play”, it’s an Alert, this might be a “win/place” horse to build an exotic spread around…It’s just an ALERT, for our customer’s to consider — price should be a factor in your decision – in my opinion…

Resulting the “Featured Play” will be back after the weekend…

Songbird takes on the girls, but maybe she could be beating the boys…

Today we will see Danzing Candy take on Mor Spirit and  some other nice colts.   The really great race would have been these two big colts and the great filly Songbird throwing down as they say in today’s vernacular.  I think this filly might be the best we have seen in the past 60 years, that means she might be the equal or superior to Personal Ensign and even the immortal Ruffian.   This filly can absolutely fly.

But what about Danzing Candy and Mor Spirit, believe me these are two serious race horses – with a capital S!  Weather is our first concern, and if the track is nice and tight, we should see stirring race, in which Mor Spirit as a great chance to run down Danzing Candy.  If the track has plenty of WET in it, than the advantage turns back to DC.  Danzing Candy, should take to the front, with the brilliant lick he showed last time and try to make every pole a winning one, and Mor Spirit will show something in the stretch.   But here is the really important part, aside from winning the Santa Anita Derby, the real prize is the Kentucky Derby, and to me, Mor Spirit is MOR RIGHT for the KD, based upon the fuller schedule, the right kind of development cycle.  I am concerned that Danzing Candy will run his “big effort” today, it’s really the 4th race in this cycle and we see these STAKES caliber colts really explode with this type of setup — but then the hangover hits and the follow up race – which would be the KD, is often something less than desired…

3 year olds that rate !

  1. Nyquist  —  Continues to do everything right, will go into KD with only 2 races as a 3 year old!  (Big battle in Florida Nyquist knocks out Mohaymen)
  2. Mor Spirit —  Big tough colt, San Felipe was an excellent maintenance for this distance loving colt!
  3. Songbird (the fabulous filly – she could be the best, no competition so far — full of brilliance)
  4. Danzing Candy  — Continuous improvement, ” brilliance “,  the front end just got tougher for everyone, a little lightly races for my taste..
  5. Cupid — ran almost as fast as Danzing Candy and like DC, very lightly raced, which at some point will become a problem!
  6. Destin — winner of Tampa Bay Derby, strong finishing move, but not facing first flight yet, interesting…
  7. Whitmore  –  another lightly raced colt who is showing some forward strides.
  8. Gun Runner — all nice races, but must move forward and should move forward
  9. Moyhamen   ( downgraded further off disappointment in Florida Deryb…)

  Mor Spirit has now improved, but not enough to go ahead of Nyquist…  I will discuss Cupid in a couple of days, to see if we should add him to this list, it’s a definite maybe…

Track Bias Report for Friday:

Aqueduct: Back to a balance- Honest racing surface…

Santa Anita : Friday :   A little edge to early speed types, pretty usual.

 Race Day Plays for Friday:

Aqueduct :  Race 5… Jay’s Way … off at 5/1… Attacked from the outside, but the attack was without any steel, backed up in the run for home.  

Santa Anita : Race 6… Persuasive Paul … off at 3/1 … settled in as a back marker, made a wide rally coming home and missed by the slightest of margins…PLACE.

ROI  – 1.01    Total Plays = 117,   —-  wins = 25,  —–  place = 19,  —–  Total exacta 28/117

Total return $235.80

Total Cost    $234.00

Kentucky Derby Seminars with Jerry J:

Two seminars again — just like last year… both on Friday — May 6th…

At Sam’s Town at 4:00 PM, as Ralph Siraco MC’s a panel of  Jon Lindo and ME (Jerry J)

At Texas Station at 6:15PM …  This is my SOLO ACT… loaded with handicapping stuff… including my Speed Figs (the ones I build the JJPP from) and the KD Power Page…  we can expect refreshments and more give-a-ways…  

For 16 of the past 18 years, I have been fortunate to do a Seminar for Stations Casino, and very much enjoy doing our Solo Seminar, this allows us to get deep into the form of each horse.  It’s only just over 10 years since we came up with Giacomo and Mad About You, to which several of my customer’s came up with mega scores, one even, my dear friend Larry Bloch, took down the Superfecta and Trifecta and slightly more than $1 Million.  To which – to the amazement and awe of all of Larry’s friends and family, he gave it all away!  He had the score of a lifetime and shared it with friends and family…

So –  this seminar – like all my Kentucky Derby seminars is to honor the memory of my friend – Larry Bloch.  And in the sprit of Larry B, we will be looking to find another “appropriate” play in this years edition of the Kentucky Derby.