Saturday’s (7-13-2019) Power Page and PLUS for Saratoga and Los Alamitos are ready for download…

On Friday at Saratoga, because I love my customer’s…

I re-handicapped the 4 Turf races that were moved to the Main track, bringing in the MTOs.  This resulted in 2 cold plays and some proper information for the circumstances.  I will not always be able to do this, but whenever I can… I definitely will – especially up at Saratoga!

It’s sometimes difficult to guess at how many races will be moved and under what circumstances.   I had an idea this would be the case today, so I was prepared.

And once again, we should mention the STAR horses performance on Friday.  Today, there were only 2 STAR horses, and both were in the same race, the 5th.  Good Shabbos and PURE Wow were the two STAR horses and they ran 2nd and 3rd…  I got a terrific e-mail from one of my regulars, that wheeled those two STAR horses in a Trifecta BOX WHEEL…  This is a really cool bet when appropriate, it cost $6.00 times 6 Boxes or a total of $36.00… and it returned $241.75.  

So we didn’t help the win ROI, but playing the STAR horses did help – in some way… but no matter, both horses made an effort and that’s really the thing…. believe it or not!

(reprint from prior posting… )

I hope you will play the Saratoga meet ( and Del Mar summer meet ) with your JJPPs.  Keep in mind, that over a 20 year period, the STAR horses have returned a winning ROI, with 2017 the ROI exceeded $1.20 per $1.00 played.  There really isn’t anything that compares – at least that I have seen.

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