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CRUSHING SARATOGA….looking harder and deeper…

I have begun my Saratoga meet with a ROAR!  A very loud ROAR, and all the JJPP players are having a good time so far.  Today the JJPPs were Simply Sensational.  This was the clocker’s comment for Seattle Slew when he worked in 57 1/5 Breezing.  That’s how good the JJPPs were on Saturday.

First, lets talk about TOP Rated horses.  These are horses you might decide to KEY or certainly use in an exacta spread or horizontal spread.  So the first 9 races the TOP RATED horse ran either 1st or 2nd in ALL 9 races.  If you made a place wager on each horse, you would have cashed in all of the opening 9 races.  In the 10th, the TOP RATED horse – PAYNE – ran 3rd to end the streak!

But more important are the alerts, the STAR and the V horses.  V’s are know as “value add-in” horses.  Their actual purpose is to alert you to use these LONGSHOTS in the 3rd & 4th positions in your trifecta plays…and maybe a small exacta reverse as a saver type play.  They have turned out to be better than I originally anticipated.  But on Saturday, they did their job well. We had 3 “V” horses, with 2 coming in to fill the underneath positions.  Nosey Joey ran 4th in the opener and Mr Jaggers ran 3rd in the 6th, Vaya Con Dios failing in the 4th.

Now on to the Simply Sensational STAR horse.  There were 11 in total on Saturday. Producing 2 winners, 3 place and 2 SHOW horses – (4 ran out).  Now for the sensational part… the 2 winners paid $23.80 (Special Story) and $27.20 (Ruler of the Nile)… whiel Derby Champagne ran 2nd at 12/1 and There were others with healthy prices as well that hit!

Now, for those of you who use the JJPP-PLUS, the horses designated as PK (for Pop Out Keys) – there were 5 listed on Saturday, with Special Story and Ruler OF The Nile ($23.80 + $27.20) winning, Catch A Thrill and Derby Champagne running 2nd.

The important thing to understand, nobody is going to dig in and find every winner everyday. But we don’t waste our valuable time and money chasing low price bogeys!  

I dig in hard, and look as deep in the horse and the situation as I can, to find horses that have some real value and a real chance!  And as today show, we do hit and we hit very – very hard.  The Feature Play on the JJPP was Special Story and that play was my public radio play as well… My contenders list ran 1,2,3 with the exacta paying $59.50 / $1 and the Trifecta paying $216.00 / $1.  

To win, especially at meets like Saratoga, I have to look harder and deeper than the other guy.  This is plain and simple.  What is also plain and simple, over the long run… you will do better with the JJPPs than without!

Meets totals to this posting… Total return of $84.50 on the Win plays, from 24 STAR horses (cost $48)…. 5 winners, 6 place, 5 Show… ROI of $1.76 per $1.00 played.  This will be hard to keep up, but I will have more than my share of days this good and better… so come along for the meet.

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I hope you will play the Saratoga meet ( and Del Mar summer meet ) with your JJPPs.  Keep in mind, that over a 20 year period, the STAR horses have returned a winning ROI, with 2017 the ROI exceeded $1.20 per $1.00 played.  There really isn’t anything that compares – at least that I have seen.

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