Saturday’s (7-22-2017) Power Page and PLUS for Saratoga and Del Mar are ready for download…

The Stars and the “V” horses absolutely won the day at both Saratoga and Del Mar with our STAR horse Meadowsweet beating the ODD-ON Pacific Wind…  

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Saratoga Opens…  Hip Hip Hooray!!!


Bias Report

Del Mar 7/19/2017 … The main track was very speed favoring. The only horses to make up anything of significance was on closing on the inside.  Suggesting that the outer part of the track was a little slow.

As I said on yesterday’s post, let’s wait and see… Let’s not anticipate the bias, it will tell us!

Del Mar  7/20/2017… Again the Main track was heavily biased toward front speed and inside runner.

Del Mar 7/21/2017)… Seemed pretty honest, but I would still rate it as a small speed favoring track.

The Turf has played HONESTLY (Honest for Del Mar – same as in previous year) all three days.

Saratoga… 7-21-2017…The Main track has a little inside advantage… just a touch…

The Turf definitely has an inside advantage…

Race Day Plays

Wednesday  7/19

Del Mar..Race #7… Saint Dermot off at 12/1… ran along behind the early leaders but not that far out of it, started to pick up the running as he moved to the middle of the track, at which point the two leaders scooted away.  Clearly he was moving well, but on slower going… got up  for the show, but beaten a good number of lengths.  Good Effort, Fine Price, but tough luck…

Del Mar…Race #7… Shy Carmelita off at 14/1… ran forwardly, showing surprising early speed, turned for home in a tussell and managed to eventually defeat the early leader he dueled with throughout, but could not withstand the late close of Snow Cloud.  But gamely got the PLACE…  We got this $305/$2 exacta.  I thought he was a bit too forwardly… just my opinion.

Friday 7/21/2017

Saratoga…Race #7  Red Rifle off at 4/1… took back behind SLLOOOWWW fractions, wrangled back to last and that  was it… poor ride… I might come back to this one…

Del Mar…Race #6 Candy Promises off at 8/1… well placed but sluggish, trying to make headway on the inside… nothing really…


TOTALS   for New York and So. Cal Plays

(starting February 24, 2017 )

NY   Total Return   $155.40, Total Cost $ 168.00, ROI Total   $0.92/$1.00

SC  Total Return   $176.3, Total Cost $ 166.00,  ROI Total   $1.06/$1.00

Returns on all plays for 2017

Total Return $ 438.7
Total Cost   $ 476.00

ROI $0.92 (1-1-2017 thru 7/21/2017)