STAR horses remain a huge winning stat group over the past 2 weeks… Try the Power Page today (only $5.00) or our Key Horse Selection Sheet (just $2.00).

Saturday May 23, 2010

 Resulting Free Plays:

Saturday’s Free Play; Hollywood’s – Race #5…  Bad Boy but like many overwhelming form horses they are underwhelming in the win-price.  This was as advertised a decent single in Pick-3 to Pick-6 plays.

Today’s Free Play:

Hollywood’s – Race #7…  Unlike yesterday’s Free Play, Hiho Geronimo has some small advantages in a race that is argueably very closely matched, hence pretty wide-open.  But as I ahve been saying for years, small advantages at overlay prices are the stuff winners are made of!  Watch your price, if you think you have value, than build a win-place play around Hiho G. using the next 4 horses on the Power Page in your exactas.  To me 6/1 represents real value.  As the final leg in a Pick-3, you should spread liberally …Good Luck…