The Power Page STAR horses reamain simply great…Get the Power Page for only $5.00 and the KHSS for the low price of $2.00

Thursday  May 27, 2010

 Resulting Free Plays:

Saturday’s Free Play; Hollywood’s – Race #5…  Bad Boy –a WINNER —  but like many overwhelming form horses they are underwhelming in the win-price.  This was as advertised a decent single in Pick-3 to Pick-6 plays.

Sunday’s Free Play; Hiho Geronimo romped home a nice $9.40 winner.

Today’s Free Play:

Hollywood’s – Race #5…  As many of you have figured out, I think price is an important component to any wager.  Betting the favorite in each race will earn you a one winner in every three chances taken, but will also lose 10% on a negative grind.  The point is a simple one, this is a hard game to begin with and you as the player need to bet the horses that can do the most for your pocket not the least!  In today’s 5th at Hollywood, Cayambe is well rated on the Power Page and on the KHSS, but is only 2nd best to Get Funky.  However, Get Funky is an UNDRELAY at 2/1 compared to Cayambe’s morning line of 8/1.  In the first case, the odds suggest that Get Funky will win this race about 1 in 3 times or 33% of the time, while the morning line is suggesting that Cayambe can only win 1 in 9 chances or about 11.5 % of the time.  Now here is a little on the form of Get Funky, a 7 year old horse that has been dropped into claimers essentially for the first time after only competing in high class  allowance races and stakes races and being super competitive.  Not in his comeback, which started on February 3, 2010 he had to be dropped to the 50,000 claiming level to win and tough earned win and his odds were escalating up, not down.  This horse is not showing the form he used to have, but he is carrying the price.  On the other hand Cayambe, a hard knockin 6 year old, came back from a claim and vacation and got an easy win at the 25,000 claiming level and is jumped stright up to 62,500 which is his natural competitive level.  On the one case its sounds like the favorite might be tired and over done, while on the other hand, our pricey Cayambe might be fresh and on the rise in form.   To me, Cayambe is a great win/place wager and worth some nice pick 3 singling  Cayambe as an overlay, spreading at least 4 deep in Race 6 (pressing my STAR horse) and using the Race Day play in the 7th to anchor before spreading in the 7th as well…Good luck…