Sunday’s (1-27-2019) Power Page and PLUS for Aqueduct, Santa Anita and Gulfstream Park are ready for download…

City of Light shines brightly!

NO surprise to JJPP players, as City of Light was our highest rated horse and had a “P” indicating a high likelihood of improving on WET going.  Clearly, he ran to his figure and beyond, as he appeared to be totally comfortable in the WET going.  I had not entirely expected the weather to move in as it did in Florida for Saturday and expecially to rain so hard toward the end of the card, this moved City of Light up a few notches in my estimation…

After seeing how front speed was dominating and being near the rain was an advantage, this worked against both Gunnevera and Accelerate.  Gunnevera simply likes to launch from way back, but Irad Ortiz, noting the condition, was asking more of Gunnevera early which was in the end fruitless, but sensible.  Accelerate always tends to race out in the middle of the track and lay a little off the pace.  So it was fairly predictable that he wouldn’t have an “advantage trip”.

My impression of City of Light as he moved through the stretch, was a simple… nobody was beating him today, if they ran on “broken bottle caps”, synthetic, turf or any other surface we could think of… he was loaded and simply “exploded”.  Great training job by MM.

3 more good cards for Sunday’s Racing:

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Aqueduct –  Power Page Classic and Power Page – PLUS

Santa Anita –  Power Page Classic and Power Page – PLUS

Guflstream Park – Power Page Classic (Only)