Sunday's PP and the KHSS are now available for purchase…

July 25, 2010

 My Del Mar Special is offered every year, just for Del Mar.  The approximate cost of each  Power Page at only $2.60 per set now that we are a few days into the meeting, which means it’s …STILL A GREAT DEAL…   When you purchase the special, it is AUTOMATICALLY e-mailed to you the night-before, usually before 8PM.  


Here is an interesting statistic — Top Rated horses have finished (1st or 2nd)  154 out of 295 times — from June 25th through July 18th.   every  race with least 1 rated starter was counted at both Belmont and Hollywood Park during this period. 

This means that the TOP-RATED horses emulate the frequency of being a favorite without always having the negative of being the favorite — the short price.  Beyond that, remember, you can adjust my numbers according to your own handicapping, since I don’t include important fundemental handicapping factors such as post position, workouts, trainer patterns, jockey moves, claiming, 1st gelding and anything else you can think of that isn’t in a speed figure.   Just taking this set of horses and improving the set with your own handicapping should make you a winner, if we can keep the frequency rate up…Let’s follow it together, through Del mar and Saratoga…

Naturally, at the beginning of the meeting, with the most recent races occurring at other tracks, we might expect the top-rated horses to be slightly less frequent.  We can learn together, so far at Del Mar the TR is 18 (1st or 2nds) out of 55 races, through Saturday 7/24/10 — including all the turf to dirt races at Saratoga.  I will continue to follow these and include Saratoga to the mix…STAR horses are PLUS EQUITY!

Yesterday’s Free Play…Saratoga– Race #8…Patieance Drive got the right track, but wasn’t the right horse although rich in value, but poor in performance.

Today’s Free Play … To be posted on Sunday AM/