Thursday (8-23-2018) Power Page and PLUS for Saratoga and Del Mar are ready for download…

Weather forecast for Saratoga:

Could be sunny.  In fact, yes, I totally expect a sunny day, all day, at Saratoga.  On Wednesday, I expected all turf races to be moved to the Main Track.  The actual was to have races 2,4 & 6 moved to the Main track and races 8 & 9 stayed on the Turf…but tomorrow we will not have anything to concern ourselves with.


Race Day play at Saratoga, was therefore a NO PLAY as Exulting was scratched, because the race stayed on the Turf – and the play I gave was expecting the race to transfer to the Main Track.

My play at Del Mar however did come off and fail, but not without some serious sparks flying! Diosa (my selection) and Data Storm Kitty ran up the  numbers for the first 3 furlongs.  Burning very hot and bright, both gave it up before the real running came…  Candura was very professional, getting up in the shadow of the wire as a bet-down good thing.