Wednesday’s Power Page and KHSS for Saratoga and Del Mar are now available for download…


I’ve been talking STAR horses for the past – read this and please “chat them up”  — the numbers are fantastic!  You certainly know it if you have been playing the STAR horses on a regular basis…

Full July STATS at all tracks … 205 playscost $410.00 returns a total of $567.40 …ROI a positive $1.39 per $1.00 wagered

Belmont             returns $ 81.00 …. cost $ 84.00 ROI … $0.96

Hollywood       returns $106.50…cost  $ 94.00 ROI … $ 1.13

Saratoga            returns $190.30 …cost $118.00 ROI … $1.61

Del Mar             returns $189.60 …cost $114.00 ROI … $1.66

IN a pure statiscal sense a “list” or group of horses that has an ROI of  $0.95 should be adequate for a good player to improve to a positive.   In this case, a large sample, is providing a winning edge that requires literally no thinking… This is phenomenal and my pleasure to provide for your benefit….